This project was inspired to help students to have an easy access and share information regardless of their background or age.

So we made YouLearn where anyone can have access for any course they want for a full time entry


Achref Boularess: managing of the back-end .

Yosri Bouabid: managing the front-end.


From 09–18–2020 to 09–25–2020:

From 09–25–2020 to 10–02–2020:

From 10–02–2020 to 10–09–2020:

From 10–09–2020 to 10–16–2020:

From 10–16–2020 to 10–23–2020:

From 10–23–2020 to 10–30–2020:

From 10–23–2020 to 10–30–2020:

For Who:

My personal focus was to get the job done before the deadline and make it real by published to the people and everyone can used

Our Story:




2- The website is responsive and compatible with mobile. This means users can access the project from a mobile view!

3- our back-end has value for the user it let the user can upload his courses and make online



This project allowed me to dig deeper in web stack programming which helped me discover a whole new interesting field that i want to Specialization

This project helped me choose my future field in holberton-school