This project was inspired to help students to have an easy access and share information regardless of their background or age.

So we made YouLearn where anyone can have access for any course they want for a full time entry


Youssef Belhadj: managing the work flow between the front-end and…

Issue summary:

on 30/09/2020 at 10:24 am PST, 100% of the website service was shut down for a 12 minutes straight, and it was restored at 11:20 am PST. All users around the world experienced a 500 error response messages. The main cause of the outage was a typographical error: .php. File…

A Picture is Worth 1,500 Words

*What is Machine Learning?

our ability to learn and get better at task through experience is part to be human when we born we know almost nothing and we can do almost nothing for ourselves but soon we are learning and become more capable every day but did you know that computer can do…

Python3: Mutable, Immutable… everything is object!


Every variable in python holds an instance of an object. There are two types of objects in python i.e. Mutable and Immutable objects. Whenever an object is instantiated, it is assigned a unique object id. The type of the object is defined at the runtime and it can’t be changed…

A static library is like a bookstore, and a shared library is like… a library. With the former, you get your own copy of the book/function to take home; with the latter you and everyone else go to the library to use the same book/function. So anyone who wants to…

Usf Belhadj

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